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About Viable Seas

The work to create a national strategic marine innovation platform was initiated in 2017. Viable Seas is working to accelerate the transition to a sustainable blue economy. Our goal is to unite partners who share our vision of Viable Seas and a sustainable future as well as we aim to facilitate inclusive, collaborative partnerships that accelerate research, entrepreneurship, industry, and society into new, sustainable solutions.

We’re passionate about enhancing and co-developing resources and initiatives that will help us achieve this mission. Through boosting cooperation, co-creation and innovation – we’re acting as an intermediary between academia, industry, and the public sector. In fact, we also are a knowledge resource for the Swedish government and authorities. Viable Seas is supported by: 


"In a world with great challenges Swedens free and open society functions as a greenhouse for innovation and co-creation."


Our oceans are central to our efforts to combat climate change as they are among our most valuable shared resources. In fact, the seas and our waters hold many of the solutions to the challenges we face. They can help us ensure food security in the face of a changing climate, provide us with clean energy and new bioresources, as well as inspire advancements in biotechnology.

Unfortunately, despite the rich potential of our oceans, they remain largely unexplored and under immense pressure from overexploitation. To ensure the viability of our seas for the future, we need to transform the ways in which we use them and work to support sustainable ecosystems and surfaces. This is why it’s essential that we work together to co-create a new, sustainable blue economy that prioritizes the ecosystem services that the seas provide to society and the planet.

By taking collective action and innovating new solutions from a systemic perspective, we can help to ensure that our oceans and waters remain a valuable resource for generations to come. Viable Seas will unite actors in co-create solutions, support transformation by detecting hinders and needs and initiate new partnerships and help position Sweden in a international context. 

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Viable Seas Organisation

We organise us with help of all the competences within our partnership. Viable Seas office is coordinating and supporting the work. Viable Seas is governed by a general assembly that represents the partners and a board. To detect and address challenges, needs and possibilities and to mobilize actors to co-create and take action we have an R&I-coordinating group with researchers and experts together with external stakeholder groups for local societies, clusters and authorities.

General Assembly

  • John Munthe, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute

  • Angela Hillemyr, Chalmers

  • Göran Hilmersson, Gothenburg University

  • Renée Daun, Lysekil Municipality

  • Linda Bohlin Trajkovski, Innovatum

  • David Nilsson, KTH

  • Mikael Hägg, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden



  • John Munthe, Chairman,  IVL Swedish Environmental Institute

  • Robin Tiegland, Chalmers

  • Lena Gipperth, Gothenburg University

  • Renée Daun, Lysekil Municipality

  • Carina Nowak, Innovatum

  • David Nilsson, KTH


R&I Coordinating group

  • Hanna Oskarsson, IVL Swedish Environmental Institute

  • Bo Norrman, Chalmers

  • Lena Gipperth, Gothenburg University

  • Anne Gunnäs, Lysekil Municipality

  • Fredrik Gröndahl, KTH

  • Pierre Ingmarsson, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

  • Sonja Andrén, Innovatum

Our Partners

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