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Invitation to propose workshops for 2024

To boost cooperation, co-creation and innovation – Viable Seas would like to invite employees from all partners of Viable Seas to propose workshops with the first to be held during the first half of 2024! Viable Seas aim to host/support 6-8 workshops during 2024 and our goal is to increase collaboration between the Viable Seas partners who share our vision of a sustainable future to accelerate research, entrepreneurship, industry, and society into new, sustainable solutions. Viable Seas is passionate about supporting, enhancing and co-developing resources and initiatives that will help us achieve this mission. A step towards such pathways and solutions is to meet in a creative environment, discuss barriers and drivers as well as consequences and development of solutions. Viable Seas will provide support to selected workshops. The workshops selected should display the potential to contribute to both national and regional needs and solutions to the EU Mission ‘Restore our Ocean and Waters’ or similar strategic initiatives or policies. The R&I Coordination group for Viable Seas is responsible for evaluating incoming ideas on a continual basis throughout the year. 

​Format of workshop: 

  • Duration 3h

  • Physical, Hybrid or Digital

  • Location: Gothenburg or Kristineberg Center    


​How  can Viable Seas support the workshop that you are proposing? 

  • Coordination Support  

  • Facilities

  • Communication

  • Competence 

  • Documentation (which could include webinars or recording) 

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